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    HotShop Yoga

    HotShop Yoga
    132 13 Avenue SW
    T2R 0G8

    Here you will connect with other students, have the opportunity to visit with friends, and to just take a break from the outside world.  This beautiful space was created to eliminte the wall line up that happens at most studios in anticipation for the studio doors to open.  It was created not only for students waiting for their class to begin but to also give the students in class full silence from exterior noise and allowing them to focus and to maximize their practice. The hot yoga room is maintained at a temperature of 95-105 degrees with 50% humidity.  This allows the body to become very warm, and therefore more flexible with less injuries. Below are the following ways in which this studio contribtes to a greener planet:

    • clean air studio
    • recycled yoga flooring
    • low energy consuption lighting
    • non-toxic ECO paint
    • clay studio walls
    • low-energy water usage
    • earth-friendly, 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.
    • eco friendly cleaning supplies
    • recycled rubber mats
    • natural stone tiles in bathing areas

    *For the business hours, see the company website*