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Victoria Park is...

Historic, Urban and Thriving. Victoria Park is a place to shop, to dine and to enjoy a night out.


Stroll down First Street and find yourself immersed in vibrant shops, restaurants and cafés. Enjoy independent retailers and the unique wares they have to offer.  Discover a rich heritage and the unique people that foster this energetic community.


Victoria Park is this and more. Victoria Park is Urban Calgary.

Upcoming Events
September 8, 2014
The City of Calgary, in partnership with the Business Revitalization Zone which you belong to, wants to hear from you in regards to what services are being delivered, how you value those services and what could be done to increase value to your business.   We are also very interested in how BRZ’s and the City of Calgary can work together to make our city more vibrant and engaging. 
August 29, 2014
If you have great ideas for improving the Beltline Community, the time to share them is almost up! Submit your great ideas before the end of September 2014.    Whether you're a business, or just a resident, or even just a frequent visitor, we want to know what can be done to make the area a more special place to visit. If you want to see a better pedestrian environment, tell us how we can make that happen. If you want to see more events and things to do, tell us what those are!   We want to make Beltline a hotspot for you.