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    210, 214 11 Avenue SE
    T2G 0X8


    Post+Beam is dedicated to creating powerful, effective design. By carefully defining brand strategy before addressing the brand expression, Post+Beam's approach is more akin to architecture and less like decorating. We believe this is the way to create design solutions that resonate with key audiences over time, rather than only in the moment of creation.


    Striving to bridge perception of our client's priorities to target audiences, at Post+Beam we partner with our clients to develop a critical understanding of the elements that influence our key targets. Who are the individuals, groups - public/private - that our audiences look to for information, opinions and leadership? These influencers become the foundation of our communication strategy.


    We believe in the unique fabric of a brand. We believe in the power of that fabric to be provocative and telegraphic. We believe distinctiveness grows from an uncompromising focus on the audience. We practice a rational, uncomplicated methodology for experience building that helps our clients and their audience see the brand in new ways.

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