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    212 - 214 11 Ave SE

    FracKnowledge is a team of oil and gas specialists with over centuries of experience. Our primary focus is fracturing, which we support with our industry leading consulting services and comprehensive frac database ensuring superior well optimization, validated by empirical data. This ensures that you are "Fracin" Right! 

    We have the most up-to-date, largest and fastest growing fracturing and completions database in the Canada and the USA designed by our senior frac and computer specialists, each with at least 10 to 30 years experience building and using frac databases. By linking continually updated fracturing and production data, we can endorse the best designs and often share this knowledge in SPE papers and conference presentations.

    We have worked extensively in Canada and USA, as well as Australia, Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our consulting services are in demand worldwide because we or our partner companies offer solutions including:

    • frac modeling and horizontal well optimization
    • on-site operations and satellite frac supervision
    • petrophysical analysis of logs for geo-mechanics / reservoir properties
    • calibration of geo-science information
    • economic evaluation

    Our superior web based user interface, including GIS, allows anyone to visualize the information as maps, graphs, tables or reports. Powered by Geo Webworks, our subscription based software allows you to easily gather relevant data and knowledge, so you can compare competing frac theories based on production success and therefore make the best choice for your wells. Our clients use these solutions to increase production, mitigate risk, decrease expenses, and identify new suppliers/clients for their products and services. We provide independent review and quality assurance from the start to the end of any project.