Three reasons to shop at SalvEdge Boutique

January 11, 2018, Posted by megan

Trendy, fashionable and affordable - three words that describe SalvEdge Boutique. This locally owned consignment store opened in Victoria Park in 2005 as Rewind Consignment Clothing. The store later rebranded to SalvEdge Boutique in 2015.

Krista Hopfauf, owner of SalvEdge Boutique, describes Victoria Park as a, “cool urban neighbourhood with a lot of diversity and history”. Being located in the historic Bell Block is one of the things she loves about her store. She says it, “reminds me of little shops in old NYC neighbourhoods.”

While SalvEdge Boutique’s Victoria Park location caters to ladies, it recently moved its sister location to 17 Ave SW, which offers designer clothing for both men and women. Both locations provide shoppers with on-trend consigned items, and local-made jewelry and fashion pieces.

Consignment stores such as SalvEdge are sometimes misunderstood, so we’ve outlined the three reasons to shop at their boutique:

Sustainable Fashion: Purchasing clothing at consignment stores, such as SalvEdge, is a great way to shop ethically. It might take a bit more time to browse through the racks, but less clothing is sent to landfills when consumers purchase second-hand clothing. Whether you’re looking for statement pieces or to overhaul your wardrobe, SalvEdge supports sustainable fashion and waste reduction.

Sip n’ Shop Parties: If you’ve ever wished that you could shop with a few of your friends after hours, invite them for a Sip n’ Shop Party at SalvEdge. This party is free to book with a minimum of eight guests, and includes wine and snacks, and you’ll have the shop all to yourselves! Not to mention, if you host a Sip n’ Shop party, you’ll also receive 15% off your purchase.

Support Local: SalvEdge prides itself in supporting local businesses. Both locations carry a variety of art and jewelry by local designers and artists. It is a great spot to get one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted pieces that’ll take your outfits to the next level. Some local artisans include Silas & Ivy, JLP Designs, Alora Boutique, Inner Wolf, Coutu Kitsch, Apryl Dawn and more.

One thing that Krista loves is that Victoria Park has, “a little bit of everything and a lot of unique businesses.” Moving forward, she hopes that Victoria Park becomes a, “hot spot destination for Calgarians and visitors to the city.”

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell clothing, it is the perfect spot for any fashion-conscious individual!

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