Sled Island in Central Memorial Park

June 20, 2018, Posted by Megan

Summer is HERE and Victoria Park is celebrating in a big way! Sled Island returns to Central Memorial Park this weekend; the only Sled Island venue with an equestrian statue.

Sled Island has done a phenomenal job curating the stage at Central Memorial Park this year, providing us with maximum sounds for our all-ages crowd. Both Saturday and Sunday are stacked with local and national bands known for their live performances and jam band stylings.

On Saturday local band Crystal Eyes kicks off our show at 1 pm. The local act is followed by the spooky stylings of Boyhood, whose live performances tend to lean towards a more organic and improvisational feel. Next, attendees can expect the Parisian-Edmontonian duo, Le Plaisir, heavy with psychedelic sweetness. Saturday will conclude with Caves, a band hailing from Saskatoon! Formerly a solo project from Peter Grier the now four-piece band floating between soft drones and rounded pop.

Central Memorial Park is also lucky enough to be the site for an art installation on Saturday, June 23. Marika Vandekraats presents Washing Hands with Soap in the Shape of My Mother’s Hands. The artist will wash the hands of participants with a soap cast from her mother’s hand, sharing a brief experience of familial care.

Sunday, we welcome to the stage Montreal’s Nick Schofield and his weightless, dreamy tunes. Calgary’s own Hermitess will follow with her ethereal harp and guitars to help you drift away to a new place. Toronto’s Hot Garbage brings a mix of funk and garage, which will make way for the not-quite punk, not-quite jazz sounds of Vancouver’s YEP.

Throughout the day you can come and go, and, while you’re in the neighbourhood, explore Victoria Park’s many restaurants! Ten Foot Henry’s plant filled room will feel like a quiet oasis or try some Dim Sum at Two Penny. You can always have a picnic while enjoying the show. Stop by The Beltliner or Native Tongues and order from grab-and-go menus!

Saturday, June 23

1 – 1:45 pm      Crystal Eyes
2 – 2:45 pm      Boyhood
3 – 3:45 pm      Le Plaisir
4 – 4:45 pm      Caves

Sunday, June 24

1 – 1:45 pm      Nick Schofield
2 – 2:45 pm      Hermitess
3 – 3:45 pm      Hot Garbage
4 – 4:45 pm      YEP

All-ages. Free.