Humans of Vic Park: Brendon Many Bears

July 31, 2019, Posted by Marc

I was really into metal when I was a kid. I remember all of the metal band album covers had these awesome designs and I remember thinking to myself how cool they were and how I wanted to design something like that. So, I began to emulate their art styles and started to make them my own. I also started to take inspiration from old, traditional art styles from cartoons as well as from my own native heritage.

I grew up in a family of alcoholics back in the reserve. It put a lot of stress on me especially during school because I was trying to focus on my studies but it’s definitely hard to be exposed to that sort of thing. I guess drawing was a relief for me.

I have seven younger siblings, so that really pushed me to be a leader in the family. Growing up in that bad environment, there was no one to look up to so I didn’t want them to have to go through what I went through. In a way, I was really their guardian, I took care of them and made sure they had everything they needed. Now they all happily live together in the city and I visit them whenever I can.

I’m currently working on my online business, selling prints, stickers and doing commissions I’m also thinking of becoming a tattoo artist.

I think what I’d really love to see most though is my siblings accomplish what they want to achieve. My little sister, the second oldest just graduated high school and is looking into post-secondary stuff. I still love taking them out. We all recently went to see Toy Story 4… but that was mostly an excuse for me because I really wanted to see it.

- Brendon Many Bears, Resident