Holiday Shopping: Retail in Vic Park

December 1, 2018, Posted by Megan

With festive season right around the corner, many people have started their holiday shopping. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be highlighting businesses in Victoria Park to help you find those perfect gifts. This week, we're taking a look at some retail options in our neighbourhood!

Lexington Ave Culture Spot promotes a positive vibe of hip-hop culture, and music, art, dance, poetry and fashion. This is the place to shop for those sneaker lovers, as they carry a mix of limited edition and discontinued sneakers.

Rite of Ritual, Victoria Park’s newest boutique store, offers mystic oddities and needful things. Books, succulents, crystals, clothing, décor and jewellery. If you’re searching for a unique gift, you’re likely to find it here!

You’ll always find locally made gifts at ReWorks Upcycle Shop. Their store focuses on selling items made of recycled and/or upcycled goods. The result? Gifts that you can’t find at any other store in the city.

Not only is SalvEdge Boutique filled with on-trend consigned clothing items, they also stock items from a handful of local jewellers. It’s the perfect place to find a great statement piece for that fashionista on your list!

Our friends at Leno Jewellery specialize in custom-made diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. They also have a large selection of pendants, earrings and assorted gemstones. Marie can help you find the perfect piece for the holidays.

Gifted clothing and accessories are always a hit. From corporate attire to weekend wear, Formans Menswear has men’s clothing for any occasion. Understudy focuses on providing high-quality clothing items with long-term wearability. O’Connors brings cutting edge fashion and new trends to Calgary – for both men and women.

Modern Apparel provides a male-focused shopping experience offering socks, bow ties, underwear and more. Their curated collections span from all over the globe and offers a variety of styles, brands, colours and fits.

Vine Arts has an amazing selection of beer, wine and spirits, which make wonderful gifts! To make it even easier, they also have Holiday Cocktail Boxes that include the ingredients to make a delicious cocktail.

Of course, 5 Vines also provides an excellent selection of beer, wine and spirits. This year, they’re offering four different Holiday Gift Packs & Crates: Vine Pack, Whisky Crate, Alberta Beer Crate or a Growler Crate.

Done shopping? Don’t forget to wrap! Shopper’s Drug Mart has everything you’ll need to get your gifts ready for the holidays. Keep an eye on our social channels this week, as we feature items from some of the businesses mentioned above!