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Please see the attached PDF for the complete strategy and detailed explanations of the pop-up projects.



The overarching purpose of enabling small-scale temporary improvement projects (pop-ups) in Victoria Park is to reclaim vacant spaces and turn them into assets, enhance public safety, increase the vitality of street life, promote creativity and innovation, and encourage future occupancy and development.


The Centre City Plan outlines how to support opportunities that promote open space and public realm vitality in the Centre City. There has been an increased interest by local advocates and property owners in encouraging street animation by transforming underutilized space with temporary, active public uses. The Victoria Park BIA has advocated for a shared responsibility approach whereby the City of Calgary provides the necessary legislative means and Victoria Park provides the operational and logistical support.





Victoria Park has a fairly high proportion of surface parking lots, vacant lots, halted construction sites and vacant leasable space. How to turn these into assets that will enhance the area and potentiality spur future development has been a key concern for the BIA.


The temporary activation of small spaces has been shown to foster positive change in communities by bringing in people, investment and development. Involvement with previous pop-up initiatives has shown that these spaces can bring vitality and animation to the streets of Victoria Park and the Centre City.


Currently, the Victoria Park BIA is not taking on any pop-up initiatives in the area. Should the opportunity arise to activate a space in the community, the Victoria Park BIA will work with vendors to provide all guarantees and insurance, and to curate small-scale temporary uses of private and public space.