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Programs & Services

Community & Neighbourhood Services


The Victoria Park BIA sustains close relationships with Bylaw Services and the Calgary Police Service to address problematic and illegal activity compromising public safety in the area. Direct liaison with the Calgary Police Service is maintained through a Community Liaison Officer.


Clean to the Core

Clean to the Core


Clean to the Core started in 2006 with funding from the Office of the Mayor. The five Centre City BIAs (Calgary Downtown Association, 4th Street, Kensington, Uptown 17 and Victoria Park) engaged the services of a professional street maintenance contractor to help enhance the existing services provided by The City of Calgary in the Centre City.


Some of these additional services include:


  • Power washing of public spaces
  • Picking up litter and debris
  • Removal of weeds
  • Removal of overflowing garbage bags from public garbage receptacles
  • Reporting and repairing damaged street furniture

In 2009 due to City of Calgary budget cut backs, funding for this program was reduced from $200,000 per year to $140,000 per year. Despite this, the BIA has, through its own independent contract, been able to maintain the same overall level of service to our members.


For more information about the Clean to the Core program, watch this video.


Off the Wall Graffiti Abatement Team


Initiated in 2005, this annual program is funded and managed by the Calgary Downtown Association, with the primary goal to report, record, and remove graffiti on public property in hopes of preventing future graffiti crimes. The team is also available to assist businesses with graffiti removal on building frontages if necessary. 


In 2009 the Off the Wall Team removed a total of 1,741 graffiti “tags” and unwanted stickers.


The Mustard Seed Street Ministry “Good Neighbour Agreement”


Since its implementation in 2008, adjacent business and property owners to the Mustard Seed have noted a dramatic increase in the overall quality of the public realm. Despite political pressure, the Mustard Seed has honored its commitments to no line ups, no provisioning of emergency services, and no drop-in food services at their Centre Street location. 


The BIA commends the Mustard Seed in its efforts and offers our full support in maintaining emergency operations at the Foothills shelter.


Nighttime Economy Research


Building a truly great city requires an investment in all phases of the economy, from daytime business and retail, evening theatre and dining, to late-night music and entertainment.  As the former home to one of Calgary’s most popular entertainment strips (First Street SW), and the current home to a growing number of entertainment venues, the BIA has been, along with the Centre City Implementation Team, Calgary Police, and Community and Protective Services, engaging in research into nighttime economies. 


It is the position of the BIA that entertainment venues are an integral part of creating and maintaining a healthy and vibrant community.  Proper planning, management, and enforcement are the key to maintaining the vitality and economic benefit that entertainment venues bring to an area. As the area increases its residential population, and as the number of entertainment venues increases, this will become an increasing issue of importance to the BIA.


Facade Improvement Project


Facade Improvement Programs (FIP) provide businesses and property owners with financial incentives to improve the exterior appearances of their buildings or shops. Strategically utilized in business districts and other key commercial areas, FIP's help to increase the economic vitality of an area by making buildings more visually appealing. Other benefits of FIP's include the capability to attract and retain building tenants, reduce building vacancies, and contribute to a sense of place. The Victoria Park BIA has a vested interest in bettering the overall look and feel of Victoria Park, and has launched a FIP pilot project eligible for any business in the Victoria Park BIA zone.


For more information about the Facade Improvement Program or if you would like to apply to be a part of the pilot project, please contact us.