Pop-Ups: turning underused spaces into public places for Victoria Park.

Cycle Track Network

The City of Calgary has identified a need to support more transportation options in Calgary’s most densely populated and economically diverse areas, the city centre. One of the proposed solutions for this need is the Cycle Track Network.


The Victoria Park BIA fully supports the Cycle Track Network and specifically the implementation of the cycle track on 12 Avenue. The Cycle Track Network is currently a pilot project and council will make a decision on the pilot in December of 2016


Reasons to support the Cycle Track Network:


Increasing transportation options for a community can have a positive impact on businesses.


  • Retail sales have risen by 49 per cent for businesses adjacent to the first protected bicycle lanes in New York City, built in 2008, while there was only a 3 per cent increase in the larger community.
  • There are 49 per cent fewer commercial vacancies compared to 5 per cent in the larger community.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists spend more at local businesses than motor vehicle users in similar communities.

Cycle tracks will add to Calgary’s competitive advantage for employers securing talented employees and increase the health, wellbeing and productivity of those employees.


  • Employees who regularly commute by bicycle use up to 32 per cent fewer sick days, lowering health costs and increasing productivity.

The Cycle Track network will benefit Victoria Park and surrounding areas. 


  • The cycle track offers the best connections with existing cycling infrastructure, such as the Elbow River, Bow River and 13 Avenue Greenway pathway systems.
  • It connects the Victoria Park BIA with other important areas of the city such as East Village, Stampede Park, 17 Avenue SW and other high-profile tourist destinations.
  • There will be a substantial population increase in the area, which is becoming less dependent on motor vehicles.
  • The cycle track is an influential addition to 12 Avenue, bringing more traffic into the current one-way street.